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1:1 Business Coaching

1:1 Business Coaching is a strategy of supporting and integrating business management structrure

Our approach to business support is in a structured way. We believe that business is based on doing a system well. What ever your technical industry skill is, you need to build a system around it to market, sell and reproduce it...profitably. Hopefully while doing this you will create a great environment for your staff, and input in to your community.

 Our normal approach is work through our BUSINESSBOX trainings, and work to integrate this approach in to business. We work with business owners and directors at a management level, focused on strategy, structure and practical implementation.

Typically a maximum of 8 hours per month is spent on any business. It has been in rare circumstances that we have found business owners have the equivalent time to match any more than this level.

We encourage you to try what we have to offer - the same as the headline challenge here, we often find that information helps develop good business decisions.
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